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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Psst Could Vivienne Westwood Be Lining Up Pamela Anderson For A Campaign

Pamela Anderson

According to Goss Ads will be shot in a trailer park (there are so many jokes I could make this stage now).. At first, this may seem completely absurd, but in reality it can not be T come as that much of a surprise. NY Mag is reporting that Vivienne Westwood is Pamela Anderson lining up for his next campaign.

Waiter Sues Timberlake Restaurant Over Pay

Justin Timberlake

The waiter also said he worked more than 40 hours per week without overtime. The lawsuit says the Mr RAMALES staff and others who have not received their proper parties to a gratuity charge the restaurant automatically collected by the parties with six or more Diners. A manager at the restaurant denied the allegations. A waiter is Justin Timberlake protection case, saying the American pop star New York barbecue restaurant has not paid him a salary legal. RAMALES Felipe says he worked for Timberlake Southern Comfort restaurant for about a year.

Isabel Lucas Quot Back On Quot With Shia Labeouf

Home Amp Away

Confidential Los Angeles spies confirmed LaBeouf and Lucas were locked on to the ArcLight cinema on Sunset Boulevard during the weekend. L ex-pat Australian noted that young Hollywood stars have typically review of the night time and the body language between the high-profile pair. But after the fall survivor from the accident that outed former Home as an actor LaBeouf mystery companion in an automobile accident in May, the couple were spotted together again on a secret date Tinseltown.

David Archuleta Quot Thanksgiving Day Plans

David Archuleta

David Archuleta has certainly become a huge hit with the teen and from neutral, so that only appropriate that he will be in the city of New York for the current year Thanksgiving Day parade along with fellow teen phenomenon Miley Cyru. Other results include Trace Adkins, The Cheetah Girls, James Taylor, and Darius Rucker Find Out What People Are Saying About The Preview Of His Upcoming album on message board! Looking for some photos of David? Take a stroll through its transformation gallery!.

Heidi Klum Guitar Hero Ad Makes Bill O Quot Reilly Grumpy

Culture Warrior

But even female Republican strategist who joins him for the segment wouldn t take the bait to bash video games.. When King Culture Warrior and re pissed off by something sexy on TV, what to do? Because it shows once again in its entirety! That pretty much the MO Fox News and Bill O Reilly deployed against Heidi Klum Guitar Hero ad in a recent exhibition.